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TommyWhitten_619x781TOMMY WHITTEN has always seen life through a different lens.  His love of life and nature has given him a unique way of viewing a sunrise, a sunset, or a doe and her fawn in the first light of dawn or the half light of a late afternoon.  Then with a click of his camera it is captured for his followers to feel and see forever.

Recently after marrying the love of his life and settling on DREHER ISLAND, TOMMY decided to focus on the scene just outside his window and the unfettered beauty of LAKE MURRAY. Almost every morning and evening he heads out with his camera to see what nature has to offer that day.

Having a passion for his work and subjects has established him as an expert on the wildlife, the hidden coves, the “happening places”, the best fishing guides, the places where deer gather for their evening feedings, and the God-given beauty of DREHER ISLAND and LAKE MURRAY.

Take a look at Tommy’s work and notice your blood pressure dropping many points.  The feel of his pictures is unmatched by any other photographer in this area.  ENJOY!

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